Find me on Facebook as Riot Clit Shave.
They wouldn't let me use my name whole. Whatevs.

It'll obviously be a bit more PG-13 over there.
I'll keep posting on http://riotclitshave.tumblr.com as well.

Remember to check off "show in newsfeed" and maybe "all posts" if that's an option.

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Thanks for the birthday wishes y'all!
I'm still alive, being a mom means I have far less time at my computer to upload images. I'm pretty much only over at tumblr now. Using their servers is easier from my phone.

I'm not happy with it, the comment function is pretty much non-existent, but I still get my pictures posted.

Over there I have a couple - riotclitshave and babayagashouse.

I've considered having a Facebook page, at least then there would be commenting and connection.

I hope you're all well!