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riot right clit click

shave save

Bean saves!
9 September 1975
Images I've stolen from all over the web!

Some may be not safe for work (NSFW) I WILL NOT BE USING CUT TAGS. If you surf from work, this might not be okay for you.

If one of your pictures is on here and it's irritating to you, e-mail me and let me know. I'll remove it or give you credit, which ever you choose.

If you have a question about where an image came from, google image search the name of the image or use http://www.tineye.com/ before asking me. I'm lazy too, I put info up when I have it. I try to credit where I know the photographer.

The only time I change the image name is when I put something like bysuchandsuchphotographer behind the name they already supplied.

If you watch this journal of mine, I may prowl around to your journals to see if you guys have some good pics to steal as well, so you might see your face or pictures in here- with due credit of course. You have been warned. But it still applies- if you don't want your pic in here- NO PROBLEM, I'll take it down. Just let me know.

DO NOT HOTLINK! AT ALL. EVER. THIS IS NOT OKAY WITH ME. Just cause I steal the images doesn't mean that I'm stealing bandwidth. Do the same. If you need help figuring out how to do this or not do this, ask, it's really okay.

I look like this.

Wanna help with hosting costs? Rad! Thanks!

Really, I dig it when strangers give me money. It's totally cool, really great for your karma and buys me hosting and tattoos.